'My mother saw my boyfriend's SMSes...'

Dear Diana,
I have taken a fancy to this guy in college. We hang out together. As we are classmates, we help each other in studies too. We keep messaging each other and talking late night on the cell phone. Last week, my mother saw one of his SMSes to me. I was having a bath and had forgotten to lock my cell phone. The SMS alert made her look at the phone and the message flashed. He was asking me to come with him for a drive around town in the night. My mother was taken aback. I had not told her about my special friendship with him, so she blew her top. I used to always step out to talk to him and she would always wonder why. She would often chide me for talking on the phone for long. After this incident, she has become suspicious of me. She keeps tabs on what time I leave and arrive from college. She also keeps calling me all the while to check on me. I find it irritating and have stopped talking to her.
— Neera


Dear Neera,
As you had been behaving suspiciously, she had been doubting you. So when she saw the SMS, she blew her top. If you had told her about this guy and how you are friendly with him, she would not have reacted in this manner. So, instead of cribbing and complaining about your mom, what has stopped you from having a conversation with her? She is worried about your safety. The guy may be your classmate, but she does not know him. It is likely that she misunderstood the conversation for something else. You preferred to keep mum and kept hiding things from her — that's the reason she has got suspicious. Talk it over with your mom. I am sure she will understand. By stopping communication with her, you are only worsening the situation. She is your mom and she wants the best for you. So she is just being cautious.

Diana will solve it!
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