'My neighbour is eyeing my wife...'

Sep 11, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I got married six months ago. I am from Ahmedabad and shifted to Mumbai two months ago for better job prospects. Initially, my wife's mother stayed with us to help set up the house. She was with us for almost a month. After she left, my wife turned to our neighbour whenever she needed help. The neighbour is in his 40s and works from home. His wife is a teacher while their daughter is studying in college. Initially, I thought he was playing the good neighbour's role, but now I feel he is attracted to my wife. My wife is young and naive. She is falling a prey to his advances. As she is new to Mumbai, he is sweet talking her. I know that she has been spending more and more time with him, especially when his wife and daughter is away. She keeps telling me that he calls her over on some pretext on the other. The worst part is that she does not know how to tell him to back off. What do I do? Should I move to another place?
— Binod

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite 

Dear Binod,
Your wife is naive to fall in his trap. If she is telling you, how he is asking her to come over to his place, why can't you tell her to stop. She seems to be informing you, but you are doing nothing about it. The fact that you have realised that the neighbour may have things on his mind should sound a note of caution. At the same time, you cannot go on the warpath as you are neighbours, it then might make living in the vicinity unbearable. Tell your wife the next time he rings the doorbell, do not open the door. He might think no one is at home. Being the good friendly neighbour is okay, but this man might have ulterior motives. So before anything happens that can destroy your personal life, tell your wife to be on guard. If you think things are going beyond control, think about shifting to a new place as soon as the lease of the current place expires.

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