I don’t know what his deal is. The other day, my seven-year-old son saw him reading a newspaper in the balcony and started laughing. It’s not funny enough for me. I don’t know how to go about this. My husband is unaware of him because he’s in office during the daytime and my neighbour works at night. Should I complain to the housing society about his inappropriate dress sense?
— Harini

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Harini,
Ignoring is the best option. He is aware that you and your son are looking at him, so it is sheer delight for him. Keep the curtains drawn of the window or balcony that faces his flat, if you get irritated by seeing him. Or perhaps grow potted plants. At least it will obstruct the view! There are many people who roam around in shorts at home. But you say it is nothing but white underwear. I assume he is a bachelor staying alone so he can get away by wearing anything. Also, just because you are showing your irritation, your son, too, is doing likewise and laughing aloud at him. Stop him from behaving like that. There is no point complaining about him as he might then go on a tangent and do it all the more. Turn a blind eye to him.