'My parents keep fighting...'

Dear Diana,
I am 19 years old and the only child of my parents. My mother and father cannot stand each other. They keep fighting and arguing over every small issue. This is irritating me and affecting my studies. Their constant squabbles are driving me up the wall. I cannot concentrate on my studies. I often end up studying at my friend’s house. I detest being at home as I do not know when they will start screaming at each other. I am quite fed up of their behaviour and want to go away from it all. What do I do? I have spoken to them, but they are in no mood to listen to me. I am now keen to study in a college far away from Mumbai and their squabbles. I am better off staying at a hostel. How do I tell my folk I want peace and cannot live amidst their fights?
— Tarun

Dear diana

Dear Tarun,
If it is affecting your studies, you need to tell your parents. Their constant squabbles will result in poor results and it will be a big price to pay for you. Sit down with them and tell them in no uncertain terms how their fighting is affecting you. Perhaps they do not realise that their behaviour is posing to be a hindrance for you. It is strange that they do not realise the consequences. You should try and reconcile them and bury their differences. Tell them you need peace at home and their outbursts is causing you psychological problems. Also, find out what is causing them to fight. Are they doing it just for the heck of it because of their ego issues or are they facing marital strife? Find out the exact reason and then try to sort out the issues. At 19, you have your life ahead of you and do not be bogged down by their issues. Tell them it is due to their fighting, you are looking at the option of staying away from home — in a hostel.

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