Dear Diana,
I'm 24 and jobless. After I lost my job, I stayed with a friend two nights in a row, but made sure my parents knew about it. But when I got home they scolded me and told me I need to get my life together. They still treat me like a kid and reprimand me. My mother tells me she wants me to be independent, but how can I when they are always hovering around?
— Daniyal


Dear Daniyal,
Your parents are concerned about you and want the best for you. You might find their behaviour irritating and unjustified, but they want you to be happy. Looks like there is a gap between you and them. Sit down and talk to them about how you feel about their behaviour. Explain to them why you feel so and I am sure they will understand. Also, remember there are several ups and downs in life.

Dear Diana,
I have been in an unhappy marriage for the last eight years. Last week, I spent time with my ex and had the time of my life. He is also in an unhappy marriage. Now both of us can't live without each other. I don't know how to tell this to my husband, but I would like to walk away from him. My ex also wants to rekindle the relationship. What should we do? We could not marry earlier due to parental pressures. It looks like destiny wanted us to be together. We met each other after seven years and we got along instantly yet again.
— Shubrata

Dear Shubrata,
If you two feel unhappy in your respective marriages, it is your call to break up with your respective partners. Your decision will not only affect the two of you, but even the families of your respective partners. You did not muster courage earlier, can you go through the upheavals now? Think before you act.