Dear Diana,
I'm a 26-year-old woman who is caught between two men. On one hand is a guy chosen by my parents and on the other, a colleague I'm having an affair with. My parents believe they've done the right thing by choosing an engineer for me while my boyfriend is disturbed and wants me to disclose the reality to my parents. I should have shown courage at the beginning itself and tell my parents about him. But I didn't lest they'd be upset with my 'audacity' to have a relationship without their orthodox consent. There is no way I can settle with the boy my folks thinks is ideal for me. At the same time, I don't want to break their hearts either. What do I do?
- Neha

Dear Neha,
You have now realised that hiding the truth from your folks has landed you in a quandary. You have to admit about your affair and make them meet this colleague immediately. They will be angry and upset but that is understandable as you are to blame. As you are of marriageable age, your parents have been looking for a suitable guy and perhaps felt this engineer was right for you. When you were aware about their groom hunting, you could have stopped them even at that stage. But you did not want to confess that there is someone special in your life. It could have been fear but now you yourself need to clear the mess. Imagine the plight of your parents who will have to say no to the prospective suitor. Now you need to speak up to all the concerned parties. Best of luck.