'My roommates are harassing me...'

Dear Diana,
I have had a fallout with my roommates. It all started when one of the girls began going out with a guy that I didn't like. I casually said it and they all ganged up against me. They are making my living in the house difficult and when the guy drops in, they all gang up and poke fun at me. Was I wrong for speaking my mind about how I feel? Should I just look for a new place?
— Aarushi

Dear Diana 

Dear Aarushi,
You said what you felt and you had your reasons for it. If your roommate and the rest could not take it, it is their problem. They asked you for an opinion and you said it. It will be difficult for you to stay in the place, but it is strange that all these years of togetherness between you and your housemates goes for a toss because of this guy. If things get difficult it is better you move out to another place. But do tell them that what they are doing is wrong and unacceptable.

Dear Diana,
I have fallen in love with someone I met on the Internet. I have been talking to this guy for a while. He is 23 and I'm 21. We haven't met each other yet. What should I do? I really like him and he's definitely who he says he is. I can't face the idea of telling someone that I've fallen in love with a guy I met online. We are from Mumbai.
— Shritika

Dear Shritika,
If you two are from the same city, what has stopped you from catching up with each other? You can meet at a cafe or a mall. You know each other in the virtual world, so now meet each other in the real world as well. When you actually meet him, you will have a different perspective of him. As they say seeing is believing. It will also help you gauge if he has feelings for you. Also, there are many people who meet online and forge a relationship, so there is nothing embarrassing in it.

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