'My sister does not like my guy...'

Dear Diana,
My elder sister interferes a lot in my life. As she is 11 years older to me, she has been controlling my life since childhood. Now she detests the guy I like. I am 22. Ever since she got to know that I am being extra friendly with a guy, she has been seeing red. She feels I am going too fast with him. Every day she questions me about him. My sister wants to know where I have been going with him and what I have been doing in his company. To avoid her constant nagging, I've been spending a lot of time with my guy. We have become even more close of late. He has been telling me to rebel against my sister. I feel this guy is for keeps, but my sister cannot digest the fact that I am friendly with him. She thinks I could do better and find someone else. According to her, I need to concentrate on my studies at this juncture.
— Nadia

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Nadia,
You are 22 and your elder sister is concerned about you. She wants the best for you. What has stopped you from asking her why she detests your special friend? I am sure she has a reason. As she is over a decade older to you, she has been mothering you. Now that you have grown up and in love, you are finding her to be a nag. Your guy has no right to tell you to rebel against her. She is your sister, this guy may or may not remain in your life. But your sister will be there for you. As you are spending a lot of time with this guy, she is concerned about your well being. You need to tell her to put her fears to rest. At the same time, give her a patient hearing why she thinks this guy is not suitable for you. Also, at this stage, studies is important. Find a balance between your studies and love life.

Diana will solve it!
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