Dear Diana,
I am 19 and have extremely low self-esteem. My elder sister, who is 23, is a lot prettier and I always have people asking me, "Is that really your sister?" I am used to the fact that guys find her attractive. I met this guy recently and we got talking. But as soon as my sis got wind of it, she started getting friendly with him and sending him text messages. I can say that she is flirting with him. When I asked her she laughed it off saying that I was getting too possessive already. Why do I have to always play second fiddle to my sister?
- Tamanna

Illustration/ Jishu Dev Malakar

Dear Tamanna,
Sibling rivalry has been heightened in your case. At the end of the day, she is your sister and though you may fight, at the end you'll will always be there for each other. I suggest that you speak to your parents about your fears and concerns. You have to tell them that you are not being a drama queen, but making them aware of your sentiments. And because you are reacting, your sis derives pleasure and goes on an overdrive. Just let her be for a while and see her come around. Also, do what you love to do. I am sure there are areas in which you are better than your sister.