My wife dotes on her so I also used to be extra sweet to her. But lately, she has started behaving oddly with me, especially when her sister is not in sight. I don’t wish to ruin my marriage because of my sis-in-law’s behaviour. Please suggest a way out of this awkwardness.
— Mayur

Sex and relationships, Dear Diana
Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Mayur,
She has mistaken your sweet gestures for love. She is still young and getting carried away. You need to halt her in her tracks. Hope you have not given in to her demands. You need to avoid her and get out of her way. Also, you need to tell your wife. If she finds out it might ruin your relationship with her. So it is better that you tell her but in a cautious way. Her cousin is family too so avoid unnecessary strains.

Diana will solve it!
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