Shashank Manohar’s view on the controversial Decision Review System (DRS) remains the same as before even after becoming the first independent chairman of the International Cricket Council after stepping down as the BCCI chief earlier this month.

“My view on DRS remains the same, whether as BCCI president, or as ICC chairman or as nobody,” said the Nagpur lawyer at a media conference here on Saturday when asked on the subject.

Shashank ManoharICC Chairman Shashank Manohar

Manohar held the view as BCCI president that DRS, in its current form, was not acceptable as the leg before decision in the system was not foolproof. “Actually, BCCI was never against DRS, right from my earlier tenure (as BCCI chief).

Only issue was with LBW being decided by DRS. For everything else, we accepted, but ICC told us that either we accept it in full or not. We are not even willing to accept it for LBW,” Manohar had said in December.

He also said the ICC had formed a small committee to look into the entire structure of the organisation and submit a report to the ICC’s Board. 

“The entire ICC constitution is being looked into. A small group of people (including himself) has been formed. We have asked for suggestions from all countries – including affiliates and associates - not only about the financial structure (of ICC), but with regard to administrative structure, cricketing structure, management etcetera. That will take about six months’ time (to be finished) and then everything will be finalised,” he said.