My wife is extremely suspicious

Dear Diana,
My wife is so suspicious and crazy that she does not like me talking to any woman. I have made it clear to her that I have the right to chat with anyone. My wife spies on me and has made up things in her mind that I am attracted to one of my childhood female pals. We keep on arguing over this. At one point, I put my wife on the phone to talk with this friend of mine and she went crazy and yelled at her. My friend told me she would not talk to me unless my wife apologised to her. I asked my wife to do that and she did. But I stopped talking to my friend as it became embarrassing for me.  How do I handle my crazy, jealous wife? Even when we go for a party, she feels I am eyeing the girls!
- GB

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear GB,

I can truly understand what is going on in your mind. It must be terrible to be in such a situation. But there are several women out there who are like your wife. Basically such people are so insecure. Just because you are talking or friendly with a female does not mean you want to bed them! Goodness gracious your wife really needs to grow up and handle it maturely. But her narrow thinking won't let her. What you need to do is to explain the situation to her. You have to interact with women at the workplace and in daily life. This woman is a childhood buddy so she remains a special friend. But she has a place in your life and you know where to draw the line. You are honest with her and don't hide your friendship. Try and knock sense into her that you have nothing to hide, so why is she creating an unpleasant situation?

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