'My wife has fallen in love with a neighbour...'

Dear Diana,
My wife has befriended a young guy who recently shifted into our building. He is staying on rent. He appears to be in the 30s. He is from Lucknow and has been writing television shows, so he is at home a greater part of the day. My wife seems to mention him a lot in our conversations about what a fun guy he is and how they always have lots to talk about. As she is addicted to some TV soaps, she even gives him inputs. My wife is 41, but looks younger. She also told me that she had invited him in my absence. She may be playing the good neighbour's role, but all this is making me uncomfortable. Not that I am the suspicious, jealous hubby. Now she wants to invite him over when I am around. She certainly seems on a high when she is in his company, and I wonder what she feels about him. I think my wife is falling in love with him.
— Mandar


Dear Mandar,
You say you are not the suspicious, jealous hubby types, but are behaving exactly like one. From the looks of it there is nothing on your wife's mind. She is just trying to be friendly and playing the good neighbour. The fact that she is openly talking about him is clear that she does not have anything to hide. As she is a TV show addict, there is lots to talk to him about. There is no need to feel insecure and worry about what they are up to. By doing so you will unnecessarily create a distance between you and your wife. Just because your wife is talking about him does not mean that she is having an affair with him. Why don't you also befriend him before jumping to conclusions? After knowing him, your fears will be put to rest.

Diana will solve it!
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