She also forced me to quit my job on allegations that I was having an affair with my colleague. Her dominance in our relationship has led to a point where we are childless because she “is not ready”. Now she doesn’t want my younger brother to stay with us. I had promised my parents that I’ll take care of him. My wife has made life miserable.
— Sylvester

Dear Sylvester,
I can understand how you feel. Your wife seems hellbent on destroying your peace of mind. You need to feel good in a relationship and have a real connection with someone. In your case it is not happening. You have to decide. But taking a decision is the hardest part. You should trust your feelings and decide for yourself. Talk to your wife about your dilemmas. If she is not willing to give a patient ear and if every day is a struggle, it is best to move on. 

Diana will solve it!
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