Dear Diana,
My wife often falls prey to idle gossip. She then gets worked up and questions me. I find this irritating. Last week, one of my distant relatives was in town. He told her that I was friendly with this girl during my college days and how she used to often drop in at home. As soon as I was back from work that day, she threw a fuss. She felt I had hidden this aspect of mine from her. She wanted me to confess if I was in touch with her. I was angry and told her to not believe such nonsense. Then again someone told her that they had seen me in Bandra with some people. Her mind got working again overtime. She felt I was hanging out and having fun while she was sitting alone at home. I have told her not to believe in idle talk, but she refuses to pay any heed. How do I knock sense into her head?
— Lokesh

Dear Diana

Dear Lokesh,
Your wife is not only suspicious, but has a problem on hand. She seems to be suffering from a personality disorder. She needs help. You need to seek a counsellor. At the same time, you need to tell the people around to stop feeding her with constant information about you. They may be saying things for a lark without any meaning. But she gives their talk a whole new meaning which is agonising you. Talking about your college days friendship with a girl is of no consequence now. Your relative may have said it by way of casual talk, but your wife sees red. You need to calm her down and tell her not to react to everything see sees, hears or overhears. She also needs to be gainfully employed or pursue a hobby. As they say an empty mind is a devil's workshop and your wife is a classic case of it.