Dear Diana,
For the past two months, I have been noticing that my wife is glued to her cell phone. She was not like this before. We have been married for 10 months. If she is not talking, she is SMSing. Last week, while she had stepped out to buy some household stuff, I realised that she had left her cell phone behind. There were continuous SMS alerts. There were also some 10 missed calls. Thinking that there could have been an emergency, I checked her phone. To my shock, I realised that she had been sex texting with a guy. When I read their conversations, I was stunned. This man and she were having an affair behind my back. Their lovey-dovey messages got me hopping mad. When she returned, I did not react. She continued with her household chores while talking and texting on her cell. Later, that evening I confronted her. She denied it, but later admitted that this was a guy she had liked almost a decade ago. They had gone their ways, but he reconnected with her after he heard that she had got married. She apologised and said that she would not do it again. What should I do?
— Dhairya

Illustration/ Uday Mohite
Illustration/ Uday Mohite

Dear Dhairya,
It has been barely 10 months in your marriage and the trust in her has already been broken. She cheated on you as well as hid her past. Your wife is indulging in an extra marital affair. She can tell you that she will not be in touch with this guy again, but will you believe her? Are you ready to forgive her and move on? If you will always be suspicious of her, your marital life will be doomed. So either way, you need to take a call. If you forgive her, then there is no point suspecting her intentions, or then it is better that you go your way. Ponder and then decide accordingly.