Despite their best efforts, most beauty parlours are factories, sweatshops where women and the occasional man walk inside for their monthly fix of self-esteem.

But if you were to as our friends in the cinema often do zoom out, you would see that for all anyone cares, we might as well be walking-talking slabs of meat albeit steaks that talk too much and tip too little.
If you were to drop by skin aesthetician Diya Dembla's Skin Kitchen (by appointment only!), you might feel less like a chunk of meat and more like a real person you know the sort who has dreams and aspirations, and a name!

Diya offers customised treatments that are made from natural ingredients. Last year, when I dropped by, I walked out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
The special treatment this month is the Cold Press Sesame Oil Facial. Rich in antioxidants and vegetable-based calcium, sesame oil is light and "excellent for a warm glow" says Diya. Do check in.

For Facials start at Rs 2,100
Open FROM Tuesday through Sunday;
11 am to 7 pm
Call 9870017000
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