Mystery chopper sends police into a tizzy

The suspicious movements of a chopper that landed at Dhapoli airbase of (Ratnagiri) on Friday has sent security agencies, including the police, into a tizzy. Till last night, they were unable to track down details of the chopper. The locals first reported seeing a chopper at 4.30 pm on Friday. They immediately informed the local administration. "We received information about an unidentified chopper landing at Dhapoli. Two persons allegedly got down and surveyed the area for five minutes. They then sat in the chopper,which took off," a top police official told Sunday MiD DAY. The district administration has roped in the Mumbai police, and the Mumbai and Goa Anti Terrorism Cell to gather the details of the chopper.

Sources in Mumbai ATC confirmed that no details of the chopperĀ  have emerged till now.

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