Nabbed smuggler made 33 Hong Kong trips in 10 months

His passport will tell you that 25-year-old Rohit Arora has visited the city of Hong Kong as many as 33 times in the past 10 months. Customs officials will tell you that not one of them was a pleasure trip.

Arora was nabbed by Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) officials of the Customs Department at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, for his role as an agent in an IT goods-smuggling racket.

Heavy load: The additional 7 kg owing to the 50 packets made Rohit
Arora shuffle his feet, making authorities suspicious and leading
to his
arrest. Pic/ Suresh KK

"The accused has a very thin frame. He was carrying 29,000 memory cards in 50 packets, which he hid in stockings. The 7-kg weight added to his stockings was bearing him down, making him shuffle his feet and move slowly. This aroused our suspicion," said an AIU official.

"He is a carrier for Hong Kong and Delhi-based smugglers dealing in memory cards. In his statement he has accepted that he went to Hong Kong 33 times to ferry consignments back and forth," he added.

The net value of the recovered consignment is over Rs 52 lakh.

Along with air tickets, Arora would be paid Rs 15,000 for every successful trip he made to Hong Kong. We have booked him under different sections of the Indian Customs Act," said Additional Commissioner of AIU Mahendra Pal.

Rs 52 Lakh
The net value of the recovered consignment



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