Nandish Sandhu: I try new things in life

Nandish Sandhu has a new role this year in Box Cricket League (BCL) Season 2- he is the co-owner of Ahmedabad Express along with actor Mrunal Jain. 

NandishNandish Sandhu

Talking about his responsibility he says, "Till now I have worked as an actor but now I understand how to handle so many actors in my team. Co-ordination with the co-actors is the main thing. I need to set an example for my team members."

"My vision is clear. There will be no abusing and fighting in the tournament like last year. But yes, we will create a lot of entertainment for the viewers."

So how much you love the game cricket? "A lot. I used to bunk exams in school and for that I got a lot of scolding from my dad."

Prodded about how Nandish manages different things in life he quips, "Multi tasking is a way of life for me. There are so many things that I do together. Apart from acting, I am a photographer, I have learnt dancing and now managing my BCL team. I was also running my restaurant till last year. I love doing new things. I don't stick to one thing and I try new things in life."

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