Narayan Rane set to return to Maharashtra state legislature

May 29, 2016, 08:38 IST | Dharmendra Jore

Former CM Narayan Rane, who lost two successive Assembly polls in the last two years, is set to return to the state legislature, as the Congress party cleared his candidature for the legislative council polls on Saturday.

Narayan Rane
Narayan Rane

Congress does not have enough fire power to take on the BJP government in the state, and Rane is seen as the potent weapon against the BJP.

The Congress is yet to announce a candidate for one more seat.

Sources said that the party will allow the NCP to contest two seats and help the former ally in voting as well.

Rane’s rehabilitation means more trouble for the government as well as his detractors within the Congress who were happy to see him languishing on the sidelines.

Rane’s tenure as an opposition leader in the Congress-NCP government (1999-2005) is remembered as one of the finest chapters of state legislative history. He switched sides to become a minister in the Congress government and then lost 2014 assembly polls from Konkan.

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