Narendra Modi believes in divisive politics: Rahul Gandhi on Gujarat violence

Srinagar: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi believed in ruling the nation by dividing it, referring to the violence in Gujarat over reservations for the Patel community.

The Congress leader, who is on a three-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir, addressed Saffron growers in Pampore town of Pulwama district after his arrival in the Kashmir Valley on Thursday.

Asked about his reaction to the violence in Modi's home state Gujarat, Gandhi said: "Narendra Modi believes in divisive politics. He believes in ruling the country by dividing it. The UPA believes in uniting the country."

Gandhi also targeted the partners of Kashmir's ruling alliance - the Peoples Democratic Party and Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party - and termed it an "opportunistic coalition".

"The UPA government had brought Jammu and Kashmir back on the rails. But the present ruling alliance here is an opportunistic coalition that does not want to help the people or bring back peace," he said.

He said his visits to Kashmir make him both happy and sad. "I am happy because this is the land of my ancestors. But I am sad because you people have suffered a lot over the years," he said.

He credited the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government of "slowly ushering in peace and for finishing terrorism".

"We gave Rs.900 crore for self-help groups of women in the state. We got the local youth employed. We held Panchayat elections."

Talking about the ambitious Saffron mission in Pampore area, Gandhi said: "You must grow better quality and high yielding Saffron so that the world knows Kashmir Saffron."

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