Narendra Modi is 'anti-farmer' and 'anti-common man': Arvind Kejriwal

Ahmedabad: AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday accused Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi of being "anti-farmer" and "anti-common man" after police detained him briefly.

The former Delhi chief minister hit out at the BJP's prime ministerial candidate after his 30-minute detention at a police station in Radhanpur in north Gujarat.

The incident took place just hours after he began a four-day tour of Gujarat to test Modi's claims that the state was a model of development.

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal. File pic

"There is no development here," Kejriwal told the media and a large group of supporters even as several Modi backers waved black flags at him.

"Modi is anti-farmer, Modi is completely anti-common man," Kejriwal went on. "The only people who have benefitted in Gujarat are industrialists."

He said Modi was making exaggerated claims of developing Gujarat while addressing election rallies across the country and was rattled because he (Kejriwal) was "exposing the tall claims".

An Aam Aadmi Party leader told IANS that Kejriwal was detained allegedly on charges of violating the model code of conduct which came into effect after the Election Commission announced the Lok Sabha election schedule.

The Kejriwal aide said the AAP founder leader was on his way when police stopped the motorcade.

Kejriwal, the aide said, asked the police why he was being detained since he was not addressing any election rally -- which would need official permission -- and his car had no speaker.

"Still they took us to the police station," the aide said. "We were kept in the police station for half hour and then let off."

Kejriwal has said that he will tour Gujarat for four days in order to check the chief minister's claims about the state's all-round economic progress.

Kejriwal had said before leaving for Gujarat he would "expose" Modi if he found his claims to be fake.

  • Navin Jeswani06-Mar-2014

    I was a follower of Mr. Kejriwal when he was with Anna Hazarejee.....But Now I sense bad politics in his moves......Sorry before putting anything on Modi...let him check his ow basket...Its FULL of CORRUPTION....He is jst being Anti BJP..... AAm Admi Party just Supports Congress...for any reason......Rather than finding faults in Opp Party why dont they dig & find corruption in the existing ruling Party.. That signifies his agenda & his Motto...What Mr. Kejriwal is planning to do !! very bd.....


    My opinion about mr. Kejariwal he is only having the ideas like Nirmal Baba . Blames are base less about Gujarat do not know any thing about Gujarat . Why dont come with solutions what is your contribution to society only blames on stage use less guy financed by ford foundation .

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