Narendra Modi needs to be treated in a mental hospital: Sharad Pawar

Jalna (Maha): NCP supremo Sharad Pawar today said Narendra Modi needs to be "treated in a mental hospital for talking rubbish."

Sharad Pawar
NCP Chief Sharad Pawar. File pic

"Modi must have deranged as he talks rubbish things and he is needed to be treated in a mental hospital," the Union Agriculture Minister said at a rally at Ghanswangi, while campaigning for NCP candidate Vijay Bhamble.

Sharad Pawar said Narendra Modi does not know about the sacrifices of Congress leaders in the freedom struggle. "Modi is talking about Congress Mukt Bharat. Whether Modi knows the sacrifice and contribution of Congress in freedom struggle? Because of Congress' ideology, we got freedom," Pawar said.

Attacking Narendra Modi for 2002 Gujarat riots, Pawar said, "Members of minority community and Congress ex-MP Ahsan Jaffari were killed in Gulbarga society, which is only 20 km from Ahmedabad where the carnage happened, but Modi neither visited the victims' family nor bothered about them."

He said Modi is "dangerous for the country." Pawar also said that the BJP's prime ministerial candidate is not bothered about the problems of rain and hailstorm affected people in Maharashtra.

  • Kanu kangal31-Mar-2014

    What a ridiculous analogy. And look who is talking? Sharad is the epitome of corruption. He imports bacteria ridden wheat at a higher price than what a domestic farmer gets, then FDA had to spent crores money to burn this tainted bacteria ridden wheat. In the mean time so much tax money were siphoned off to foreign accounts.... If Mahatma Gandhi a congress leader was father of nation, Sharad will go down in history as FATHER OF CORRUPTION.

  • Govind31-Mar-2014

    Congress = thieves. Now wants to steal credit for independence struggle from all Indian people and appropriate as its own private property. Congress = liars. This Congress (Sonia) is not Gandhi's Congress which was a completely different and apolitical org. Gandhi in fact wanted to disband the Cong because he did not want a new political party to be built using the same name. Congress = evil. This same Congress has today brought back alien rule by a woman who has no love for India only wants to

  • Rajeev31-Mar-2014

    Wait for 16th May. We All know where Modi is going to be and it will you Mr. pawar who will be considering getting into a sanatorium to avoid time in Jail.

  • krishna31-Mar-2014

    Every party in india will lose this time only BJP will win this Time Bcoz of the developement that has done by NAMO in Gujrat.

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