Though her Heera Kaul act in Rockstar may not have bowled over the critics, actor Nargis Fakhri has definitely earned the label of 'beautiful'. Blessed with curly hair and a flawless skin, Nargis doesn't look like she's 31. The lady's beauty secrets have also made news, including her addiction to the lip plumper. Nargis' whose looks have been compared to Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz talks to CS about beauty and the soul:

Who: Nargis Fakhri
What: Talks about beauty and shares some tips

Beauty and me
I feel that if your soul is beautiful, you'll look beautiful from outside. I believe in healthy living. If you take care of yourself with proper exercise, right diet and peace of mind, you will appear beautiful from outside. Ever since I started modelling looking good has always been a priority for me, as it's an important factor in my profession. But I am not obsessive about my looks. I do take care to maintain them, but try and retain a balanced outlook.

Wow women
The women on my list would be Angelina Jolie, Lady Diana, Oprah Winfrey, Neetu Kapoor and Christiane Amanpour. These ladies come across as even more beautiful because of their characters. Besides her lovely figure and hot lips, Angelina is very talented woman and a true humanitarian. Lady Diana, we all know epitomised style and grace. As the people's princess, she always did her bit for charity. After coming to India, I got to know Neetu Kapoor. She is truly an eternal beauty with a wonderful warm loving soul. Oprah and Christiane are legends in their own right. I grew up watching Oprah and her achievements can inspire any girl around the world. Likewise, Christiane Amanpour for her courage and conviction.

Hair and there
Ever since my modeling days, my hair has been my biggest asset and its got me the most compliments. Once a photographer told me that it is so full of life, he could just shoot my hair all day long! When I was in New York modelling, my hair had to bear up with a lot of styling and experimentation. And I couldn't even manage enough time to pamper my hair. As a rule, I use only natural products for my hair and skin as they are gentle and effective. A hot oil massage for 20 minutes is all you need for lovely tresses. I would also to stress on the need for moisturization. I believe that you need to moisturize throughout the year, and especially during summers when your skin gets dehydrated and needs that extra moisture.