Nargis on a X'mas break

Bollywood's newest discovery, Nargis Fakhri, is taking a much-needed break in her hometown, New York City. Nargis, who's been inundated with film offers post Rockstar, has gone home to spend the Christmas holidays with her mother and close friends. Busy making plans with her mom, Nargis talks to CS about her favourite festival from NYC:

Who: Nargis Fakhri
What: Talks about spending Christmas at home in New York City

NYC calling
I've come to the New York City to spend the holidays with my mum and friends. It's a great feeling to be back home, even if it's just for a few weeks, as I have not been home for Christmas in a very long time. Last year, I was in New Delhi as we were shooting there and the years before that I was travelling all over the world. So it's nice to be here. Spending time in NYC for Christmas is a great experience. I believe that everyone should come here at least once in their life to feel the energy in this city during this time of the year.

The bond of love
It's going to be a quiet Christmas. My sister may join us and a few friends may drop by, but nothing big is happening. I think the festival is all about being next to each other, being able to talk, laugh and spend time with each other.  Also, my mum is just so happy to have me with her that she wants to spend time with me. We may cook and watch films at home. And though I love sweets, I'm not going to make any at home. We have some amazing bakeries here in NYC, so I'll just hop into one and buy myself loads of goodies. Then come back home and watch my favourite films like Scrooged with Bill Murry.

Light it up
While growing up, Christmas at home meant decorating the tree. I would string up the lights and decorations at night and end up waking up on the floor right by the tree the next morning. There is something about the smell of pine trees and the hypnotising lights that make you feel warm and safe.

Snowy dovey
And then, when it snows on Christmas Eve, it's like magic. You wake up the next day and all you see is that beautiful blanket of white clean snow. My sister and I used to wake up early and run and play outside, making snow angels and building snowmen. It was a good time. I actually miss that, so maybe I will get lucky this year. I hope it snows soon!

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