Washington: More than 600 historical NASA artifacts, including a metal piece of the Hindenburg and a manuscript written by one of the Wright brothers, will soon go under the hammer at the seventh Space and Aviation Autograph and Artifact auction.

The Wright Brothers, Orville (L) and Wilbur. Manuscripts written by one of the Wright Brothers will go under the hammer. PIC/AFP

According to a magazine, other items up for auction include Charles Lindbergh's autobiography, a signed photo of Amelia Earhart and a rotational hand controller from Apollo 15's Lunar Module Falcon whose biding will start at $10,000.

Also, a small copy of the Declaration of Independence that journeyed to the moon, American flags that have been flown into space, gold foil from the Apollo 13 Odyssey command module and an Apollo 11 checklist signed by Buzz Aldrin are on sale. The week-long