By pitting them opposite each other in John Day, we were sure that the sparks would fly; more so since the film is about one upmanship. The kind of histrionics on play on the big screen would be engaging enough for the audience.”

Naseeruddin Shaha
Naseeruddin Shah in a still from the film John Day

As per the film’s producers Anjum Rizvi, K. Asif and Aatef Khan, it is the sheer complexity of emotions and the turnaround which happens to the characters in the movie, which is emotionally scary at times.

As for Randeep, there is an interesting story that goes behind his inclusion in the film. Apparently, the part of a nihilist cop that he plays was first offered to Naseeruddin Shah. The veteran actor decided to play the part of John Day instead. However, he was happy to see Randeep stepping in as a cop. John Day releases today.