Traffic police sub-inspector ML Nijalingappa. Pic/Twitter
Traffic police sub-inspector ML Nijalingappa. Pic/Twitter

Doing his duty has gotten Traffic Police sub-inspector ML Nijalingappa high praise on Twitter and a reward was announced for him by the Bengaluru Police. Nijalingappa ensured proper passage for an ambulance by halting a convoy movement of President Pranab Mukherjee.

The president was in Bengaluru to inaugurate Metro's Green Line. Nijalingappa was was deployed at Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle on Saturday, when the President Pranab Mukherjee's convoy was heading towards Raj Bhavan.

At the same time, an ambulance, which was en route to a private hospital near HAL, was seen by Nijalingappa and his colleagues, who ensured the vehicle's travel through, by stopping the convoy.


A video of the incident (view tweet above), has been doing the rounds on Twitter, with Twitterati hailing Nijalingappa's action.

Bengaluru Commissioner of Police Praveen Sood appreciated Nijalingappa's presence of mind on Twitter with a post reading, "The policeman who took such initiative to be rewarded. Well done!"


Abhei Goyal, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic East Division, Bengaluru City, also posted a tweet in praise of the officer reading, "PSI Sh Nijlingappa is rewarded for deftly allowing the ambulance before the 1st citizen of India. @blrcitytraffic gives way to 🚑, do you?"


While some have termed Nijalingappa's action as an achievement, others say he was simply doing his duty as a traffic policeman as expected. Read below to know what Twitterati said...






- With inputs from ANI