Navi Mumbai developer's gun and live cartridges stolen on train

Jun 19, 2016, 08:16 IST | Asif Rizvi

Vanveer Rajput, 49, a developer from Navi Mumbai, became the victim of a theft when his gun, live cartridges and cash were stolen while he was napping inside the AC coach of the Bhuj-Bandra Express.

Vanveer Rajput
Vanveer Rajput

Rajput was on his way from Rajasthan and had boarded the train from Samakhiali station in Kutch at 4.20 pm on June 16 and slept off after 11.30pm. "I woke up around 4.15 am and then slept some more," he said, adding that before going to sleep the second time, he ensured his gun was in a pouch attached to his belt and the cash in his pocket.

When he woke up at 5.30 am he realised that his .32 bore US-made revolver amounting to Rs 3.5 lakhs and its four live cartridges, each costing Rs 800 had been stolen. The pouch, however, was still attached to his belt, while the Rs 16,000 was missing. Rajput had brought the gun in 2007 for personal security. An official from the railway crime branch said, "We have registered a case under section 379 of the IPC, and the investigations are being conducted."

Another officer said, "The Mumbai crime branch is also conducting investigations as the victim's gun and live cartridges were stolen. It is suspected that the weapon could be used for committing a crime."

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