Navi Mumbai: Rs 2-a-kilo potatoes rotting at APMC

According to traders at the wholesale market, around 6-7 tonnes of rotten potatoes are thrown away every day, and the heat, along with the surplus in the market, has brought down the price to Rs 2 per kg at the wholesale market

The scorching heat is not only taking a toll on citizens, but also on the stock of potatoes coming to the city. The lukewarm demand, excess supply and rising mercury level in the city has slashed the cost of potatoes in Vashi’s Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) to as low as Rs 2 per kg.

APMC has enough stock, but supply continues and the heat is reducing the shelf life of potatoes
APMC has enough stock, but supply continues and the heat is reducing the shelf life of potatoes

What’s more, the surplus in the wholesale market has also led to the stock rotting. “Around 6-7 tonnes of potatoes are dumped in the garbage every day. The market has enough stock of potatoes, but the supply continues and the heat is reducing its shelf life,” said Prakash Kondhalkar, a potato trader at APMC.

Potatoes of good quality, however, continue to be sold between Rs 5-Rs 8 at the wholesale market. Traders revealed that most of the stock is getting damaged even before it reaches APMC. However, despite the dirt-cheap rate of potatoes in APMC, retailers continue to sell at Rs 10-20 per kg.

This year, the production of potatoes is 10-15 per cent more than last year. However, due to bumper crop in foreign countries, the export of potatoes is low, increasing the stock in the country. Potato production in the state accounts for only 5-6 per cent, with the rest coming from Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

“The production of potatoes is good in Gujarat this year. Therefore, there is an increase in supply. But, with low demand in the market, the stock is rotting. The situation can only improve if the demand increases,” said Ashok Walunj, director of onion-potato market in APMC.



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    its a shame that food is being wasted because of greed for profits.....

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