Navi Mumbai: Scorpios-turned-Limos seized by Vashi RTO

Dec 19, 2015, 17:09 IST | Ankoor Anvekar

Luxury limousines on Mumbai roads are a rare sight. However, yesterday, the Vashi Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials found two such luxury limos on city roads. The RTO has seized both the vehicles after they failed to produce documents regarding the changes made in the chassis (physical structure) of the original vehicle. Both the vehicles are Mahindra Scorpio SUVs that were rented out for family functions.

An RTO official with the seized vehicles. Both the vehicles are 1.8 metres longer than a standard Scorpio
An RTO official with the seized vehicles. Both the vehicles are 1.8 metres longer than a standard Scorpio

One of the limousines was found roaming in Vashi, while the other one was caught at Andheri on the same day. Officials from the RTO revealed that the chassis of both the vehicles is 1.8 metres longer than that of a standard Scorpio. Both the vehicles measure around 21 feet in length.

These vehicles, registered in 2011 and 2012 in Gujarat, were heading towards a family function assignment, officials added. The limousines belong to Naseer Vahora and Gulam Vora, who are based in Gujarat.

Interiors of the limousine
Interiors of the limousine

“The drivers of the vehicle did not have the necessary documents, as a result of which, we have detained the limousines. As per Central Motor Vehicle Rule (CMVR) 126 (prototype of every vehicle to be subject to test), even the original manufacturer should have permission from testing agencies to certify the modification. In this case, we did not find any such documents. I found one vehicle at Andheri, while our motor vehicle inspector, Nilesh Dote, found the other vehicle in Vashi” said Anandram Wagle, Inspector of motor vehicle (IMV).

Officials further revealed that a lot of changes have been made in the chassis. Each limousine weighed around 2,630 kg, compared to the original weight of a Scorpio, which is around 1,880 kg.

“These limousines were brought to the city through a limousine renting agency called NWT Limo International. Each limousine was rented out for Rs 10,000 per hour. It is believed that both these vehicles were rented for a period of three hours on Friday,” said Nilesh Dote, IMV who caught one of the limousines in Vashi.

The drivers Sunil Solanki and Bhargav Patel revealed that they were just hired to drive the car, and they would be returning to Gujarat. But, the vehicles will remain at the RTO.

Sanjay Dhaygude, Deputy RTO at Vashi, said, “We have now asked the owners to submit documents for the modifications they have made. There is a possibility that they have also altered the air-conditioning system. We will examine the vehicles in detail. We will cancel their registration and send the vehicles to scrap.”

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