Almost a year after NCC cadet Parag Ingle was shot in the head by his teacher during firing practice, his father yesterday demanded the case be transferred to a competent authority like the CBI or CID.

On February 1, Parag sustained a bullet injury in his forehead during an NCC firing practice session, and is lying in a state of coma at Command Hospital ever since.

“It is almost a year now, but there is no improvement in Parag’s condition. Both the police and NCC officials are deliberately hiding some crucial facts and the culprits are still roaming free,” said Devendra, during a presser yesterday.

Tragic incident
Parag, along with 46 students, had gone to the NCC Group headquarters, with NCC instructor Amod Ghanekar. Ghanekar was training cadets to fire a 0.22 rifle when the incident happened.

“Both the police and NCC have cooked up a story that the accident happened as Parag suddenly stood up during the firing. But, the information I received after interaction with his classmates is that Parag was only following the instructions given to him. He stood up after receiving such directions from the NCC employee, who was conducting the firing practice,” Ingle said.

“The chargesheet states that even though Ghanekar is not authorised to handle a weapon, he was firing a 0.22 rifle. If no one except students are permitted to fire at the firing range, then how did Ghanekar participate in the firing? Why did no NCC official present at the site stop Ghanekar,” he added.

Devendra has demanded not only a thorough inquiry into Ghanekar’s action, but also the two NCC employees who were present during the incident.

Manohar Joshi, PI Deccan Police station, said, “We have already completed the investigation and filed a charge sheet in the court. Now it’s court who will decide what action can be taken against Ghanekar.”

He said Ghanekar was booked in the case and is currently out on bail. Following the incident, the school suspended Ghanekar.