New Delhi: Expressing its disapproval of the remark made by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley that India can never accept the queen not being answerable to the law in an apparent reference to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Friday said the former wasn't right in saying so, and added that the Congress Party has never made any statement, even by implication, that they don't respect the court.

"I don't find that the president and vice president of the Congress have ever made any statement, even by implication, that they don't respect the court, and that they don't propose to follow the mandate of the court," NCP leader Majeed Memon told ANI.

"I don't think Arun Jaitley is right in saying that they don't respect the court. I think they have been respecting the court," he added.

The NCP leader also backed the protests launched by the grand old party, saying they were entitled to agitate to expose the hidden motivation of vendetta behind the case.

"They (Sonia and Rahul Gandhi) are certainly going to face it in the court of law, but at the same time the hidden politics behind it and the political motivation of vendetta which is behind that, the Congress is entitled to expose that and for that they are having all kinds of agitations on the streets and the party level which they are entitled to do," he added.

Finance Minister Jaitley on Thursday took the 'vendetta' war to the social media to criticise the opposition's leaders for creating a 'chakravyuh' for themselves.

'India has never accepted the diktat that the queen is not answerable to the law. Why should the Congress and its leaders not contest the notice before the court? The government cannot help them in the matter, nor can Parliament. Then why disturb Parliament and prevent legislative activities from continuing?' Jaitley said in his post on Facebook.