Nearly 50 cases of crime against women filed in Maharashtra every day

Jun 05, 2014, 07:29 IST | Agencies

The State Economic Survey report for 2013-14 has revealed that a whopping 17,800 cases of crime against women and 3,456 cases of crime against children were reported in Maharashtra in the year 2012.

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The report, tabled in the state legislature, stated that among cases of crime against women, 1,839 cases of rape; 1,140 cases of kidnapping; 329 dowry deaths; 7,415 cases of domestic violence; 3,935 cases of molestation, 1,294 cases of sexual harassment and 366 cases of illegal trafficking were reported.

The report also disclosed numbers on reported crimes against children. 212 children were murdered in 2012 and 917 cases of rape against children were reported that year, while 893 children were kidnapped, besides 199 children were found abandoned.

There were 1,482 cases of crime other than rape, kidnapping and dowry deaths against women, while 1,023 cases of crime against children other than rape, murder and kidnapping were reported, the survey report said.

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