New collection of Parsi garas by Perveez Aggarwal

Perveez Aggarwal (in pic) is all set to enthrall you with her latest collection of gorgeous Parsi garas focusing on intricate embroideries.

Perveez Aggarwal

Her forte lies in giving the traditional Parsi gara a contemporary twist, which appeal to all generations. 

The collection, My Beautiful Embroideries, includes saris, jackets, stoles and scarves, hand-embroidered to perfection.

The gara sari is a classic Parsi inheritance that was first embroidered on rich self-patterned imported Chinese silks.

Perveez has never failed to impress with her lovely work handcrafted by some of the best karigars (artisans), and this time around, you will be mesmerised with the intricacy and the detailed designs in her new collection.

On: February 5, 6 & 7, 2015, 11 am to 6 pm AT 1st floor Conference Hall, DBS House, Prescott House, near Cathedral Senior School, Fort.
Call: 40509334/40509466

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