New Delhi: Taxi driver runs over boy; threatens mother for over 5 hours

In a horrible incident, a taxi driver not only ran over a four-year-old boy in northwest Delhi's Mukherjee Nagar but also allegedly spent the next five hours driving victim and his mother trying to convince the latter not to report the accident to police.

Having received no medical attention for five hours, the boy, Rohit Kumar, died inside the cab. The driver was later arrested.

"Those were five hours of horror. I have three more children who have constantly been asking me where Rohit is. How do I tell them they will never see their brother again?" Vasanti Kumari, the mother who works as a maid, told Times of India.

The incident was reported on Friday. Rohit was playing outside his Indira Vikas Colony home when the Eeco cab hit him while reversing. As a crowd gathered, the cab driver identified as Rahul offered to take the boy and his mom to hospital. Once they both got in the car, Rahul kept trying to negotiate with Vasanti and at one point even allegedly threatened her.

Vasanti told TOI, "I was carrying no phone, because of which I couldn't inform anyone about the incident. He began to speed and as soon as we were away from the area where the accident took place, he stopped his vehicle and asked me not to tell anyone about the incident. I was puzzled. I didn't know how to react, but soon enough I told him that I would report this to the cops."

Vasanti said the cab driver then took the car to a private hospital but came out saying that the authorities said that they would not admit the child. He allegedly did this for 4 other hospitals including the AIIMS Trauma Center and Hindu Rao hospital and would come up with the same answer.

The boy finally succumbed after 5 hours. The boy's father, Bhavesh Kumar said he was informed about the incident in the evening when his wife called him up from a local booth. The couple then rushed their son to a hospital but the doctors pronounced him brought dead on arrival.

The couple then informed the police at night after which they formed a team and efforts were made to nab the accused. The cab driver was later arrested from his house.