New 'fairer than Facebook' social site pays you money for posts!

A new site lets users share half the advertising earnings from their posts, proving itself fairer than other social websites

Half of the revenue for the adverts, which appear on someone's page will be split with the person in question, and if users sell the space direct to companies they can keep all of the money, the Daily Mail reported. aims to take what it sees as a fairer approach.

The arrangement is unique for social networking and is 'firing a shot' across the industry, said Chime's creator Bill Gross.

Until now websites like Facebook and Twitter have simply raked off all the money made from advertising whilst users earned nothing.

Other sites such as YouTube do offer users money for popular posts - but Chime is uniquely generous.

Gross said that with Chime 'finally, the interests of the content creators are aligned with the interests of the publisher because they get something for their hard work'.

He has dubbed his new creation an 'interest network' rather than a social network because of the way it works.

But the main difference - aside from the revenue sharing - is to make it easier for people to choose and be introduced to their specific areas of interest.

Gross says Chime's algorithms will be better at recommending groups and ideas based on personal interest, ensuring users are not overwhelmed with content.

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