Mumbai: The Maharashtra government is keen to ensure that upgradation of its port policy results in increase in coastal shipping of goods and opens gates for export-import trade.

At present, 94 per cent of the cargo moves through roads and air, while only six per cent via water, Principal Secretary (Transport and Ports) Gautam Chaterjee told PTI. "Our endeavour is to ensure that of the 720 kms state coastline, there should be a port at every 100 km where big ships can dock," he added.

Chaterjee further said: "The coming port policy of Maharashtra focuses on upgradation of the existing policy to make it comprehensive and fix gaps, if any." Maharashtra Maritime Board and JNPT will soon sign an MoU for developing a port at Wadhwan in Dahanu with 74 per cent equity of JNPT and 26 per cent of Maritime Board, he added.

A place for establishing port has also been unidentified at Nandgaon in neighboring Palghar district. The government wants to build ports through private partnership. "We will identify the place and put up the facilities for private players who will develop the port," he said, adding that the new policy would come out in two months.