The proposed new Maharashtra Universities Act bill finally came up for discussion in the Maharashtra Assembly on Tuesday. However, instead of discussing it in the House, it has been put up before 21-member joint select committee for wider debate.

Though these committees generally take a few months to reach a conclusion, stakeholders have expressed the hope that finally it is closer to being approved after which the universities will be able to function properly again.

The long pending Maharashtra Universities Act was finally tabled in the Assembly last week and came up for discussion today. The act draft was first prepared in 2011, but has gone through several committees, discussions and suggestions since then. The act will specify functioning of state universities across the state. Until now universities have been governed by the Act of 1994.

After the end of tenure of bodies appointed as per the previous Act which governed universities, several ad-hoc bodies have been formed to continue functioning. However, with absence of the new Act, there are no new bodies to take charge after the earlier ones have been dissolved resulting in several glitches such as delays in decisions.

Universities in the state are currently running on several ad-hoc bodies which has led to delayed in different tasks.