New online system promises to end salary woes of college teachers

Putting an end to the monthly salary woes of college teachers; a new online system has been introduced by the government that aims to curb irregularities in faculty appointments, which have apparently become rampant. Cases such as unqualified persons being appointed on positions, a professor drawing salary from two colleges among others have come up in the recent past. This new system is expected to ensure having a complete data of professors on all approved positions with the government that issues salary, instead of depending on documents submitted by colleges. Salary will not be issued if any violation is found in the data.

The new system titled – Sevartha will begin from February. The office of Joint director of Mumbai is currently in the process of collecting data from all colleges from its jurisdiction. The system, which will begin from Mumbai, will eventually be extended to all parts of Maharashtra. After its implementation all college teachers will get their salaries in the first week of the month, unlike the current delayed process.

A senior official from the office of joint director of education, told midday, “Irregularities in appointments of college teachers is rampant. Many times colleges do not find a person of prescribed qualification or try to appoint another of lower qualification in order to get the work done with lesser pay. Teachers are the backbone of the education system. If their qualification is not up-to-the-mark what can we expect from them to teach youngsters?”

Talking about more serious irregularities, the officer said, “There are also cases where one college teacher is found taking salary from two colleges and both on approved positions. This is completely unacceptable. There was no way of knowing it for sure or proving it was difficult. But with the new system, nobody will be able to indulge in such activity as government will have everyone’s data.”

Dr. Shailendra Deolankar, Joint Director of Higher Education, said, “The new system is going to be very helpful. This will put an end to college teachers' complaints every month regarding delay in salaries. It will also allow us to have complete data of all approved positions directly with us, instead of depending on colleges. It will help the government realize how many approved teacher positions are in colleges and to understand if we need more such positions.”

When asked about irregularities, Deolankar said, “Generally these are documentation issues where due to inadequate or insufficient documentation, there appears to be violation of regulation. But we are currently in the process of correcting such irregularities while we are collecting the data of all approved positions of college teachers.”

Dr. Madhu Paranjape, president of Bombay University and College Teachers Union (BUCTU) who feels these are just big talks with no action, said, “This new process they are planning to bring might work in future, but currently it just appears to be another tool of harassment of teachers as every month the salary is delayed and now they have another reason that they are working on the new system which is causing the delay. After all this process also we are sure that the government will not be able to resolve or punish irregularities. Even now if such cases are found, even though the it is the college's fault it's the teacher who suffers. We are planning an agitation next week against this mismanagement of salaries.”

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