More than 300 women slapped a sex ban on their partners for three months and 19 days -- so they could get a new road built.

The women had begged officials to pave the old horse trail to their isolated town and authorities agreed.
But when the project failed to materialise, the women of Barbacoas, in south-west Colombia, refused to take it sitting down.

They "crossed their legs" in protest -- refusing to sleep with their men until something was done.

The cold front, which began in June, was eventually broken last week when transport minister German Cardona pledged to invest $21 million (Rs 102 crore) to pave the first 17 miles of the route.

Luz Marina Castillo, the leader of the protest, said of the end of the sex strike: "The desire was great and we took advantage of it."

Maribel Silva said, "The men's first reaction was laughter, because they found the way we were protesting very curious. Then reality set in, and work on the road finally began last week as the government had promised."