Varsity revises policy for doctorate studies, makes entrance tests must for all; only one foreign student per PhD guide

HavingĀ faced flak for long over discrepancies in the admission process that allow a large number of foreign students into PhD courses while Indian students remain a minority, the University of Pune (UoP) has revised its guidelines and come up with some strict new rules.

The revised guidelines have been put on the university website and clearly state that there will be only one foreign student per PhD guide, compared to seven Indians per guide. Another important criterion that has been revised is that all foreign students wishing to do their PhD will have to appear for an entrance test.

Earlier, foreign students weren't required to appear for an entrance, which was compulsory for Indian students.
The issue of more number of foreign students per guide vis- -vis Indian students came up last year when the University Grants Commission revised its rules and introduced the 7:1 formula for Indian and foreign students per guide.

It came to light at that time that certain departments such as Pali and Sanskrit, among others, have more foreign students than Indian. As a special case, these students who were midway through their PhD were allowed to continue. "Now, the only issue being ironed out is how to conduct entrance tests for foreign students," said the head of a department in the UoP. "Students are not allowed to come to India without valid study visa, so we are considering online entrance tests."

The UoP has also strictly enforced the criteria of at least 50 per cent marks in post-graduate exams and 15 years of related work experience for admissions for foreign students. "We are happy the policy has been revised and will be strictly implemented, as the university has been at the receiving end of ire of many student organisations and even political parties for the problems in admissions of foreign students for PhD and the irregularities and relaxations given to them," said a senior professor.