New 'smart' fan follows you around the room

May 21, 2014, 18:12 IST | PTI

A Japanese company has developed a new human sensing electric fan that follows you around the room and turns off on its own when you leave the place.

The fan created by Irisohyama Inc automatically adjusts the horizontal swing angle of its head with the help of a human presence sensor. The device called 'Human-sensing Oscillating Fan' does not swing its head too widely and can efficiently send a wind to an area where there is a human.

The fan comes with a price tag of USD 176 and Irisohyama aims to sell about 25,000 units in the first year, 'TechOn' reported. The fan uses an infrared sensor installed in the device to detect an area where there is a human.

It swings its head with an angle range of about 85 degrees (its widest angle) for about a minute while detecting the locations and movements of humans. The fan then begins to swing its head to send a wind only to an area where a human exists.

The sensitivity of the sensor can be set at three different levels. In case the fan does not detect any human in an area for about one minute, it automatically stops sending wind to the area, the report said

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