New species of shrimp that produces killer sounds named 'Pink Floyd'

New species of shrimp that produces killer sounds named 'Pink Floyd'Shrimp. Pic/Facebook

A newly discovered species of shrimp that uses a bright pink claw to create a sound loud enough to kill small fish has been named after Pink Floyd.

The shrimp found on Panama's Pacific coast has been dubbed Synalpheus pinkfloydi in the peer-reviewed journal Zootaxa. Scientists say that when pistol shrimps close their enlarged claws 'at rapid speed,' the motion creates an implosion 'which results in one of the loudest sounds in the ocean that can stun or at worse even kill a small fish.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History researcher Sammy De Grave is one of three researchers credited with discovering the creature. "I have been listening to Floyd since 'The Wall' was released in 1979, when I was 14 years old. The description of this new species of pistol shrimp was the perfect opportunity to finally give a nod to my favorite band," he told CNN.



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