New twist to Roebuck's death

The mysterious death of Peter Roebuck took an interesting twist after it was revealed that he allegedly sexually assaulted a friend he met on social networking site Facebook.

Though police remained tight-lipped about the real cause, media reports revealed that there could be a link between the former Somerset captain's death and an indecent assault charge brought against him Friday.

"The purpose of the inquest docket is to determine the circumstances surrounding the death, which will include the time and cause of death," National police spokesperson Vishnu Naidoo was quoted as saying by The New Age.

Naidoo refused to reveal any further questions relating to the indecent assault charge. But The New Age reported that an indecent assault charge case was filed against Roebuck at the Claremont police station.

The daily also reported that Roebuck jumped to his death when he was informed that a complaint of a sexual nature had been made against him by a friend whom he met on Facebook.

Roebuck, 55, who arrived in Cape Town from Pietermaritzburg earlier last week, allegedly met the 26-year-old male a few days ago. The pair later met at the hotel, where they were allegedly meant to discuss a possible university sponsorship for the male Zimbabwean.

Roebuck allegedly tried to seduce the Facebook friend and have sex with him against his will.

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