There's a new detective in town and she solves murder mysteries in high heels. Meet fashion blogger turned investigator, Alisha Luna and her best friend/sidekick Tanny, who solve crimes and look great while doing it.

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Texeira and Riya Sen in a still from the yet-to-air Episode Seven of the series

Created by Culture Machine for YouTube channel Blush, Alisha is a web series that packs quite a punch. Lianne Texeira plays the lead and Sarah Hashmi essays the role of the adorable Tanny in this fast-paced series. Texeira, an actor, writer and blogger, who is also the co-writer of the show, tells us, “I have always loved mysteries; I get it from my mother who is an Agatha Christie fan. Most of the books I read are mystery and noir. I love fashion and when I was studying fashion journalism in San Francisco, I started to write short features. Once I started working with Culture Machine, I pitched the idea.”

Sarah Hashmi and Lianne Texeira in a still from an episode of Alisha
Sarah Hashmi and Lianne Texeira in a still from an episode of Alisha

Comparisons are bound to be made with the Baker Street cult detective Sherlock Holmes and his accomplice, Dr Watson. But Texeira feels Alisha is more into lipsticks and the size of the dress and has been inspired by various other amateur sleuth characters including Veronica Mars. She adds that the show is more of a tribute to the '90s Pop culture. “Alisha is a shadow of me. You see the real me on screen whether it's my love for Nutella or the colour tones I prefer in dresses,” she shares. Interestingly, Texeira and Hashmi have worked together for TV ads, and are great friends in real life, too. And the camarediere shows on screen as well.

Fashion is an important aspect of the series, and is the backdrop of most cases. Texeira and the show's stylist have been posting glimpses of the wardrobe for the show on social media, something they plan to expand into full-fledged writing at a later stage.

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Owing to the dynamic medium that is the Internet, the creators received instant reactions from the audience. “Originally, I wanted the show to be a little darker and more foolproof since it is set in Mumbai, which is no sunshine garden. But gauging the viewers of our show, we had to mellow it down and make it more positive. Also, people don't have a lot of patience so, we had to make the episodes short,” shares Texeira.

The first season will see 10 episodes (Texeira is currently writing the finale) and based on viewer feedback, the makers will plan Season Two. And, if all goes well, Texeira would love to see the show on TV too.