New Year Resolutions - Don't just think, do it

It's that time of the year when we make new resolutions, with the hope to change our lives. This year, however, we suggest you avoid setting up big ambitions and take small steps to a healthy lifestyle. Hassan M Kamal created a do-able list of five resolutions that will not scare but tempt you to start 2014 in top form

I will eat my breakfast everyday
We know that you are used to skipping the first meal of the day (because of your busy schedule and sleep timings) and going straight to lunch. But, mark our word and stop right now. You may not see the effects right now, but in the longer run, it could cause many problems, including a beer belly, weak joints and liver problems.
Motivational tip: Think of all the parties you would have to miss, because you can’t drink.

Health, Life & Style, New Year's Resolutions 2014

I will drink at least four litres of water a day
Water constitutes 70% of your body; it’s the lubricant that smoothens up all operations in your body. So, take time to replenish it regularly. Carry at least a 500 ml water bottle with you all the time, or set alarms for drinking water if that gets the job done. Remember dehydration may cause many problems including headache, dry skin, kidney malfunction, urinary tract infection, fatigue, muscle cramps and hairfall.
Motivational tip: Man or woman, ten years from now, you don’t want to look at a balding head. Research cites dehydration as one of the main causes behind hairfall. So, start gulping H2O right now. Besides, research suggests that water helps lose weight as well.

Health, Life & Style, New Year's Resolutions 2014

I will run a kilometre at least thrice a week
There were days, when you could run up and down a football ground for one full hour; now you huff and puff, and cry even if you have to run for a minute to catch the last train. Not the future you hoped! So, before it’s too late make some use of the running shoes you bought last year, and run for at least a kilometre, or just walk back home instead of taking a rickshaw.
Motivational tip: Think of somebody snatching a girl’s phone (a guy’s phone if you are girl), you run after the thief and get it back. You will be a hero. But only if you run now.

Health, Life & Style, New Year's Resolutions 2014

I will cut down on my stress and anger
Over the years, we have learnt that it’s impossible to live a stress-free life. Especially if you have to constantly follow people and deliver within deadline, everyday. For some, stress acts as an energy booster. Though there are no fool-proof methods, the trick is to have a release option — like doing something you like be it painting, watching movies, dancing, going partying with friends, writing or taking your anger out on a punching bag.
Motivational tip: You don’t want to pick a fight with everyone in the train on your way home, especially if you are alone.

Health, New Year's Resolutions 2014, Life & Style

Health, New Year's Resolutions 2014, Life & Style

I will quit smoking or join a support group
So, you like to blow off your life’s miseries in smoke. Well, it’s good to have a release. But do remember that excess of anything is dangerous. You have been planning to kick the butt for years, but in the hope of kicking the butt, you ended up smoking more than ever. This year, join a tobacco quitting programme, if you have to, or opt for e-cigarettes if you care for your lungs.
Motivational tip: Cigarettes are believed to cause erectile dysfunction in men, and are a major cause of lung cancer for both men and women. Besides, if you are not attractive without a cigarette, with it your chances are even lesser.

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