New York Times makes a blooper with Digvijaya Singh's photo

New Delhi: In an article titled `#SelfieWithDaughter campaign launched by Indian Prime Minister Modi, the New York Times seems to have made an embarrassing boo-boo by posting a photograph of Digvijaya Singh with noted journalist Amrita Rai.

The photograph dates back to last year when photographs of the couple had leaked and went viral on twitter and facebook. Digvijaya Singh went public with the relationship saying that the two would be married soon.

The photograph that was uploaded on Sunday was a prank by a twitter user under the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter with a tag line that read 'Okay Diggy raja mistook #SelfieWithDaughter for selfie with daughter-aged GF...ROFL.'

But clearly NYT did not get the joke and did not really 'Roll On The Floor Laughing,' nor did they get the 'daughter-aged-girl friend' hint in the tagline.

The newspaper carried the photograph along several other 'regular' selfies of fathers with their daughters with a detailed report on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative to promote equal rights for the girl child.

The series of photographs also has a picture of some non-Indians joining in with the #SelfieWithDaughter trend.

There has been no reaction from senior Congress politician Digvijaya Singh or from journalist Amrita Rai to the gaffe by NYT.

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