With an aim to create awareness about the importance of women’s education in the country, volunteers of a Vashi-based NGO got together to present a street play recently. Most of the volunteers are professionals in their respective fields and came together to spread awareness on the issue.

No child’s play: Vashi-based Kanchan Foundation organised the play to help bring about a change in the lives of girl children

Kanchan Foundation organised the play to bring about a change in the lives of the underprivileged. The street play titled Haan Haan Main Ladki Hoon is based on the story of a girl child who is not provided free meals at school by the government after Std VII, and is thus deprived of education.

At barely 13 years of age she is made to stay at home and do household chores. She is married off early. Through the play the trauma of early marriage, early pregnancy and the pressure of giving birth to a male child is narrated. The volunteers of the NGO said that their motive was not to emphasise that women are weak, but rather to highlight the importance of education in life.

Kanchan Todi, a trustee of the NGO said that each child has the right to education, yet women in our country have a much lower literacy rate than men.

Raising awareness
“When the girl child is educated she helps the entire family improve its health and economic status, in turn contributing to the development of the entire nation. We call ourselves modern and educated, yet the rate of female foeticide is very high in our country.

Not only in rural India but also in semi-urban and urban parts of the country, girls are less educated. Through such nukkad natak we aim to create a certain amount of awareness about this grave issue to the best of our ability,” Todi said.

The NGO performed their first play at Shivaji Chowk in Vashi. They intend to stage a series of street plays every Sunday. The next play is scheduled to be held at Mini Sea Shore and Central Park in Kharghar on coming weekends.